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360 PE6 on life support

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I didn't want to believe the rumours. I refused to believe them. Surely Konami, brewers of the world's finest football game, wouldn't punt the ball so comically into their own net. Surely they wouldn't go to all the trouble of releasing a brand-spanking new, shiny next-gen version of their game, only to cripple it to such an extent that some of gaming's most passionate fans would take to the streets in protest.

And yet...that's exactly what they've done.

Can somebody explain to me why the FUCK I should pay more for a version of a game that features only 8 stadiums as opposed to the PS2's 32? Why it lacks an editing mode, the games only defence against it's archaic licensing arrangements? Why you cannot even save your fucking replays to your 20gb hard drive?

I would go on, but the venerable Eurogamer have poignantly halted the need for further comment with their verdict:

"Having raked in the profits from selling literally tens of millions of copies of the various PES games over the years, it's absolutely mystifying why Konami still brings its most important game to market with such a degree of unapologetic poverty. PES6 stinks of a cynical, half-arsed attempt to mug the 360's hungry user-base into buying a next-gen version of their favourite football game. Not only is it far from 'next-gen' it's not even properly finished."

And I can't even buy an Xbox version that has the same features as the PS2. Fuck you, Konami.

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